Savouring the simple things…

I woke and dragged myself ever-so-slowly out to the kitchen. Without a single word being spoken I was greeted with an outstretched hand holding a simple plain white cup. I reached out across the bench and took it in my hands…drew it towards my face and breathed deeply taking in the intoxicating aroma of the fresh caffeine. Mmmm. So good! And then it struck me…

Receiving that simple cup of coffee unexpectedly from my best mates wife was something to savour. I walked purposefully around the kitchen, wrapped an arm around her and kissed her on the cheek. “Thank you” I said. “It’s been a long time since I can remember waking up to someone serving me a coffee.”

Now I love coffee! In fact I love strong coffee!  This wasn’t the best cup of coffee I’d ever smelt, and certainly not tasted. It was a good coffee but by no means did it make up for the early wake up call from their sick kids crying. (I’m thankful my two sons are way past that stage!)

As someone who isn’t in a relationship, that simple act of service spoke powerfully to the core of who I am. For that brief exchange I was more than just a single man, a single parent, an employee, a student, a coach, a facilitator, a friend…I was human. “God knows you deserve it” was her reply.

I savoured that simple moment most of the day. It touched me deeply.

Later that day we got word that my best mates uncle was deteriorating badly after a recent cancer diagnosis. Our brief holiday away was short-lived. Sadly he passed away within days. Both my mate and I have lost our dads prematurely so death is not new to either of us.  It’s one of the many common threads we share through some 30 years of friendship.

Being given that simple cup of coffee served as a reminder of my need to savour the simple things. Life is short, we never know when tragedy will strike. I know a little about those life-changing moments, but I’ll save those for future blogs.

For now, I’m making myself an arvo cuppa…and remembering how this week began and how good it felt to feel human thorough the simple action of being handed a cup of coffee.  Perhaps you too need to pause and savour the simple things?  Perhaps there’s someone you know that you could gift a simple action that let’s them know they’re human too.

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