When time out is needed…

Have you ever needed to simply take time out?

It’s been a while since my last blog, nearly 7 months to be precise. To those who were enjoying and regularly reading my blogs I apologise for having been silent. But it was necessary.

There are times we all need time out. And I certainly did over the past 6 months. It wasn’t that I needed time out from blogging…it was more a case that what was unfolding in life required all of my attention, demanded all of my emotional and cognitive capacity, and to be honest, I just wasn’t sure it was relevant, or how appropriate to be blogging about what I was going through.

The crux of the matter was that I was working in a public role, with a public profile and there were, how shall I say it, conflicting opinions as to how I was functioning in that role that created further stress and tension. Due to my holding in high regard my own sanity, and having been through a burnout before, I was adamant there was no way I was allowing myself to be placed in a position of vulnerability like that again…and there in lies the challenge of life.

We all have a limited coping capacity. We all have things that stretch and drain us – whether they be work, family, relationships, health issues, parenting challenges, and so the list can go on. I’m sure you can identify and make a list out of your own experiences.

I first started this blog out of encouragement from others that I had something to offer, something worth sharing, and apparently, a reasonably easy style to read and understand.

I came up with the name “Anchored” because I truly believe that we all need an anchor, especially when the storms of life hit. And when the metaphorical seas get choppy, and the winds rise up a storm with white water crashing around you and the screaming sounds of nature whirl, well, it’s at times like these that taking time out, finding a place, a space, a person, to shelter and weather out the storm is precisely what is needed.

I’ve learnt from experience that the ONLY person responsible for my welfare, my wellbeing, my health during times like this is…yep, you may have guessed it…me.

Learning how to manage competing demands, with diminished capacity, whilst ensuring that the non-negotiable relationships are nurtured, essential daily routines and needs are met, means sometimes letting go of things that, well, just don’t matter as much. It’s knowing what my priorities are, who matters, what matters and ensuring that those get the best of me, not what’s left of me.

So, I’m back…I’ll be writing more regularly and look forward to sharing and interacting from a new stage, phase and space in life, one that holds a host of new possibilities.

What about you?

Have you ever needed to simply take time out?

When did you last intentionally take time out to care for yourself?

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