PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters – day 5

Welcome to day 5 of PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters.

Day 5 is all about choices and capacity. Understanding our inner world enables our integration and ability to cope during times of stress and distress.

Life often throws curve balls and transitions can disorientate us. Being centered and anchored in life facilitates our ability to navigate these changes, be they chosen or circumstances beyond our control. Continue reading

PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters – day 2

Welcome to day of – PIVOT/Men’s Health Week.

How’d you go with day one? Was there something that surprised you? Perhaps reassured you?

Day 2 digs a little deeper into what inspires, and infuriates, us in our daily lives.
I invite you to join me and spend 5 mins exploring 5 topics using some basic starter questions. Continue reading

PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters – day 1

Welcome to day 1 of PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters.  

I invite you to join me and spend 5 mins exploring 5 topics using some basic starter questions. Try and let your thoughts flow without analysing them too much. Let them find their own landing place – picture autumn leaves floating before settling on the ground. Accept them.  Continue reading

PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters Introduction

IMG_7962June 11-17 2018 is Men’s Health Week in Australia and I decided to put together a short and simple series to focus on the emotional and mental health and wellbeing of men.


In Australia it is estimated that only 1 in 4 men who experience anxiety and depression will actually reach out and seek treatment. That’s only 25%! Men, c’mon! What are we doing? Why this false bravado? Why this shame? Why this indifference to our own wellbeing?

I invite you to check out PIVOT and take on your own personal alignment challenge. What’s involved? Commit 5 minutes/day looking at 5 key topics with some simple questions as thought-provokers for 5 days. That’s it. It’s that simple! Are you brave enough to look at yourself and ask yourself how you’re going?

Continue reading