PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters Introduction

IMG_7962June 11-17 2018 is Men’s Health Week in Australia and I decided to put together a short and simple series to focus on the emotional and mental health and wellbeing of men.


In Australia it is estimated that only 1 in 4 men who experience anxiety and depression will actually reach out and seek treatment. That’s only 25%! Men, c’mon! What are we doing? Why this false bravado? Why this shame? Why this indifference to our own wellbeing?

I invite you to check out PIVOT and take on your own personal alignment challenge. What’s involved? Commit 5 minutes/day looking at 5 key topics with some simple questions as thought-provokers for 5 days. That’s it. It’s that simple! Are you brave enough to look at yourself and ask yourself how you’re going?

I’ve called the series PIVOT – recognising that in sports like golf and basketball, in professions like accounting and stock trading, being able to pivot enables and facilitates the best outcome and most usable information. Being able to PIVOT in our own self-awareness, personal growth and interaction with others is critical to living an authentic and engaged life, one that finds meaning and fulfilment.

PIVOT/Men’s Health Week Intro video

I hope you’ll join me in taking on PIVOT – your personal alignment challenge.



Making contact:

Please don’t hesitate to make contact should you wish to book either an in-person or online e-counselling session. Check out www.anchoredforlife.com for more details, email me at counselling@anchoredforlife.com or message/call on 0412 717 921. 

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PIVOT blog series:


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