PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters – day 3

Welcome to day 3 of PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters.

How are the first few days going for you? Was there something that surprised you? Perhaps reassured you? Hopefully you’ve been encouraged and reminded of good things too.

Day 3 video: PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters – day 3 video

Day 3 is an invitation to tap into our male ego and what we pursue and asks the question about our motivations in doing so.

Today you may like to try and spend more than 5 mins exploring 5 topics using some basic starter questions – this is important stuff to get a handle on.

As you let your thoughts flow, hold an imaginary mirror up and eyeball yourself – dig deep and be honest about what drives you. Today ask why have you landed here and is this where you want to be?


Today’s topics are:

  • Vision – how are you pursuing your dreams? Are there dreams that need igniting, perhaps even re-igniting? Are there dreams to let go of and you need to go through a process of grieving what was, what could’ve been but what isn’t? Are you facing a new life stage and needing to set aside time to allow new dreams to form? Have you identified what defines and distinguishes significance and success for you – personally and professionally? 
  • Values – are you living what matters most to you? Pause. Re-read that question. There is a simple saying I’ve used for years, “Don’t prioritise your schedule, instead, schedule your priorities”. (For the record I did this before I read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits! Just sayin’). There are always distractions, diversions and urgent agendas that can later life. Perhaps the better question to ask is: HOW are you living what matters to you? 
  • Valuable – in what ways are you valued and adding value to those important to you? One of the biggest challenges juggling work and family is that those we care about most don’t always get the best of us. In fact, it’s not uncommon for men to bemoan that those we care about get our leftovers – when we are at our most stressed, tired and overwhelmed. Sales people talk about “features and benefits”; third parties talk about “adding value”. What do we give of ourselves? Do we have anything left to give? If you’re leaning into an answer of no, not really then PLEASE take notice of this next theme.
  • Vicarious – how are you handling the challenges and stresses of those around you? Vicarious trauma and Compassion fatigue can be very common for those common for those in a people-helping profession, carers, those who engage with others emotionally and give of themselves. If you are finding yourself more easily irritated, less patient, less empathetic and kind, more withdrawn and avoiding people and circumstances coz “I just don’t have it in me” – then, ACT NOW and reach out to a professional counsellor (in-person and online e-counselling sessions can be booked with me too) BEFORE you crack. 
  • Virtues – what are your strengths? How are you proud of yourself – personally and professionally? We all have virtues and things to offer others – it’s our choice to do so, it’s our gift to others to use them. Operating out of our strengths is enriching. If you’re not sure about your strengths then do make contact as I’d love to work with you to explore and identify them. 

Making contact:

Please don’t hesitate to make contact should you wish to book either an in-person or online e-counselling session. Check out www.anchoredforlife.com for more details, email me at counselling@anchoredforlife.com or message/call on 0412 717 921. 

Who is Anchored For Life?

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