PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters – day 4

Welcome to day 4 of PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters.

Day 4 is a challenge to explore what is incongruous and creates cognitive dissonance in the life we are living today and engaging with those we come across – especially those we are closest to.

Day 4 video: PIVOT/Men’s Health Matters – day 4 video

Again today you may like to try and spend more than 5 mins exploring 5 topics using some basic starter questions – this is important stuff to get a handle on.

As you let your thoughts flow, think about individuals or circumstances that cause an NQR (not quite right) feeling in your gut – a sense of disconnection between our feelings, thoughts and the things we say and do. Be brave and authentic. Today ask how are you interacting and is this who you want to be?


Today’s topics are:

  • Other-centred – for whom are you living? This may seem to contradict the final theme for today, but spend time wrestling with the concept before you too readily dismiss this idea. For some this may be new or strange language. Our world shouts to look out for number one and narcissism (love of self-importance) is highlighted by social media streams of self-promotion and a “look-at-me” declaration. Too harsh? There’s an old adage – do something for someone you know is unable to pay you back or return the favour. Give of yourself. Self-sacrifice without the scope of ROI (return on investment). Look out for the needs of others.
  • Oriented – what is the correlation between your inner world and the world you engage? Where are you heading? 
  • Open – who do you let in? Who knows you? Does anyone know your deepest fears, doubts, questions or concerns? Have you ever voiced your deepest desires or dreams? 
  • Organised – are you feeling overwhelmed or disempowered? How can you gain a sense of personal empowerment? You may be wondering what on earth is the link between these questions and the word organised. Feel free to ask 🙂 
  • Ourselves – how are you looking after yourself? Physically? Emotionally? Socially? Mentally? Spiritually? Diet? Activity? Learning? I’ll convert the final question to a statement for you to consider: You cannot be the best person, best parent, or best partner you want to be if you don’t take care of yourself! We can’t give out of what we don’t have. Low reserves run out. Make sure you continually prioritise your own wellbeing and re-fuel in ways that refresh, recharge and renew your sense of wellbeing. 

Making contact:

Please don’t hesitate to make contact should you wish to book either an in-person or online e-counselling session. Check out www.anchoredforlife.com for more details, email me at counselling@anchoredforlife.com or message/call on 0412 717 921. 

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